About Us

We are a general surgery clinic serving the very underserved area of the great Central Valley of California.

Like most practices, we must face the pressures of private medical practice in this unstable era of decreasing reimbursements, higher costs, and restrictive regulations.

Unlike most practices, instead of working inefficiently,

We opted for working intelligently.

Three years ago we built this practice from ground up,

But instead of following the traditional practice structure,

We opted for functionality and efficiency.

The goal was optimization, mechanization, and consolidation.

One of our MANY experiments, our electronic medical record, using ourselves as test subjects...worked flawlessy.

In accordance with our practice beliefs,

We would like to share one of our most powerful tool that has taken clinical workflow to the next level of optimization.

From the Front Office to the Back Office to the Physician's Corner,

We hope to share our knowledge and tools to help make your practice better.